Who we are – Fol The Brand



It is a company with a well-defined concept at the heart of the project: creativity.


Our mission is to bring a wave of innovation in the fashion giving voice and confidence to the new generations.


Young designers, fashion designers and fashion stylist are the engines of our company
and thanks to their passion and their enthusiasm,
they give life to a creative workshop evolving in which they can express and tell themselves.


Fol The Brand always gives space for experimentation and research,
but as we learn from an old spot "Power is nothing without control".


Fantasy is not enough if it doesn't turn to high standards in the realization of the products,
to accurate quality control and to an organization always careful to follow our customers.


Fol The Brand is synonymous with quality and creativity.
Fol The Brand is 100% made in Italy.



Please contact us for any questions, concerns or business proposal!

You can find our contact details in the relevant section (Contacts).


In case of techical issues write to store@folthebrand.com.